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Our mission is to provide support to the under serve urban community with programs that will provide mentoring, prison reform or job training for youths.

Harold Triche Pres.

Why would you buy a new suit, when you can change the color of your lapel button hole stitch... If you have Passion for Fashion!

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Their came a time when the suits jacket can be easily tailor and the look enhanced, by just changes the colors of the lapel Button-hole stitch, every time you wear THE SUIT JACKET.  As I looked at my wardrobe I needed more style and color, I found myself saying over and over, "I need to buy some new suits and jackets with different color lapel buttonholes so I could match my shirts, ties and pocket squares with the lapel buttonhole color". 


"There's got to be another way.  Wouldn't it be easier to just change the stitch color on the buttonhole, instead of getting new suits and jackets?"


We started looking for a way to do just that.  We searched and could not find anything on-line or at retail stores.


So, we designed, trademarked and patented Lapel Tye.    



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