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About Us


This idea was built out of my own personal frustration with my wardrobe. I consistently found myself thinking about how I wished there was a way I could up my fashion game by matching my lapel holes with the shirts, ties, and pocket squares I was wearing. I often found myself buying new suits and jackets just so I could achieve this but as we know, this not only gets expensive, but we eventually run out of closet space.


So I came up with this brilliant (and affordable!) product. It is the first and only lapel hole covering designed to match any suit or jacket you have. This patented design fits right into the button hole stitch without damaging your suit and elevating your look to the next level! 


Currently we are only available for purchase online through our site . Click to start your style transformation and purchase today!


Our Mission

To provide top quality, versatile products to help step up your fashion game without breaking the bank.

We are also always activily looking for like-minded Corporations looking to partenr to sell our products! Please contact us if you are interested!

"Our goal is to provide support to the underserved communities with programs that will provide mentoring, prison reform, and/or job training."

-Harold Triche, President/CEO

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